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  • How much does it cost to attend?
    This event is free for students.
  • Do I have to register or can I show up on the day?
    Yes you will need to register. Tickets per session are limited – please register early.
  • What type of jobs or employers will be at the event?
    Part-time, casual and summer roles. There will be local and national employers exhibiting.
  • What do I wear, is there a dress code?
    There is no dress code however we do suggest dressing and feeling your best. We recommend choosing something casual, clean and neat.
  • How do I prepare?
    If you have past work or experience, we recommend preparing a CV and be ready with either print or digital to give to employers. Whether you have work experience or not we highly recommend chatting to employers and sharing how enthusiastic you are about finding a job.
  • Will I get a job on the day?
    It’s possible. Some employers that offer part-time or casual jobs may choose to onboard you on the day. Others may get back to you a few days later if they’ve taken your CV or you’ve filled in an application form, and they may follow up for a first/second interview. This will vary per employer. Don’t be shy to ask 😊
  • I’ve never had a job before. How can I be less anxious or nervous when introducing myself?
    While we can’t guarantee any answer will completely banish the normal jitters of applying for jobs, what we will say is remember that every person goes through this, and employers are aware. Be honest. Be yourself. Be courageous – as there’s no courage without fear.
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