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USIT is Ireland’s leading work abroad and summer J1 experts!

12 Mar 2024

Work abroad, Summer J1 and Internships across the world

Hey, we’re USIT. We’re your excuse for breaking up with your regular life work, travel and intern the world. We’re also Ireland’s leading work abroad and summer J1 experts, so we’re able to make living and working in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand a breeze. Founded in 1950-something in the halls of UCD, our student forefathers knew one thing: the way to explore and experience more was to earn while you did it. So we’ve been creating life-shaping work and travel experiences ever since.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an internship in the US or you’re an international student dreaming of interning in the UK, USIT can help take your CV to the next level and put your career on the map. If you need help lining up an internship in the USA or UK, our Jobs Hub has got you covered with internships like:

·        Legal Intern for law firm, Financial District, NYC (USA)

·        Hospitality Internship for a restaurant group, South Carolina (USA)

·        BD Intern for a Data Solutions brand, London (UK)

·        Digital Marketing Assistant for an events company, near Birmingham (UK)

We’ll have information on hand about our Grad USA, Internship USA, and Intern UK programs – but come to us with any questions you have about working holidays in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan too!

We want to attend the Student Job Summit because, along with our sibling companies, BUNAC and JENZA, we believe that working abroad is the most transformative (and fun) thing you can do in your twenties. And we would know because all our team have worked all over the world. In fact, before we became professional visa whisperers and job finders, most of us were USIT customers.

We work to create life-shaping experiences for our travellers – and we don’t want you to miss out on these opportunities. Our internship programs in particular are only available to you for a certain period of time after graduation, so make sure you stop by and speak to our team so you don’t miss out!

At the Student Job Summit, we have all the information you’ll need on our professional programs as well as our traditional working holidays. We’ll have information available on how you can save up to €400 of our Grad USA program, and will be taking entries for our €100 giveaway as well (which closes on 31 March, so make sure you enter!).

Register for a FREE ticket: Student Registration

Learn more about USIT by clicking here!

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