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Travel & work with Camp America!

4 Mar 2024

Counsellor and Campower programmes at Camp America

At Camp America we are a J1 cultural exchange programme offering the opportunity for participants to travel to America to work on a summer camp for 9 weeks! Our programme also allows up to 30 days to travel and experience different places across the USA.

We offer Counsellor and Campower programmes! Counsellor roles include general counselling and looking after the campers, teaching activities such as sports, art, drama and also lifeguarding! Campower programmes are working behind the scenes in the kitchen, maintenance or housekeeping.

We are attending Student Job Summit to look for some amazing Irish applicants to take part in the programme!

Over the two days of Student Job Summit we will have some previous participants there who can tell you all about the programmes and what its like to work at an American summer camp. There will be more information, a chance to ask questions and some freebies!

Register for a FREE ticket: Learn more about Camp America:

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